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Transformation Nation - The Tools and Ideas to create Permanent Financial Freedom

May 2, 2020

24 year old Hayden Crabtree, bestselling author of Skip the Flip, joins me to share how he worked for free for a year to show seriousness with an investor who became his partner and then in less than 4 years he became financially free at an age when most of the population is finding themselves. We talk mini...

Apr 25, 2020

The CARES Act and how it just gave you a couple hundred grand...maybe millions.

  • Section 2022 allows you to take a Disbursement up to $100k out of your 401k, TSP, IRA, or any other qualified plan and either keep it (pay taxes over 3 years) or roll it over into a self directed plan like an eQRP® Boom!
  • Section 2022 also...

Aug 30, 2017

Financial Transformational ideas and people on the edge of possible.  

Weekly Interviews with the Top Thought Leaders, Best Selling Authors and Change Agents leading the conversations to create permanent financial freedom.

Deep inside the world of private party real estate investing and ways